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  1. Photo Lemon Pepper Asparagus with Rice #vegan #vegansofig #whatveganseat #plantstrong #veganfoodshare

    Lemon Pepper Asparagus with Rice #vegan #vegansofig #whatveganseat #plantstrong #veganfoodshare

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PortraitI guess you would call this my picture blog. Well, that is how it started. Now it's more of a foodie blog.

All of the posts are food that we make at home. (if you see anything you like let me know and I will share the recipe link)

Our diet has evolved over the last couple years from vegetarian, to vegan and now we strive for a plant based diet.

For you new veggie lovers please check out the following. This is where a lot of our inspiration comes from.

This is the link to the PETA website that shows items you might not know are vegan. Not all are healthy but they are vegan. I like to shock people with some of the product names listed. Visit PETAs website

This blog has some great recipes and we use them from time to time. Visit The Fat Free Vegan Blog

We use her website as well as her cookbooks for inspiration. Visit The Happy Herbivore website

I can not say enough about this website. We have both cookbooks and we draw a lot of inspiration from the website and newsletter. Visit The Engine 2 website

Some other books that I would recommend;

The China Study
The Gerson Therapy
The Kind Diet

Information and recipes;
Engine 2 Diet
The Starch Solution
The Pleasure Trap
Everyday Vegan
Vegan Planet
Vegan on the Cheap
Thrive Fitness

What can you expect to see? Well one thing is for certain... you can expect a lot of pictures of my three Monsters. Shelby is the Cocker Spaniel, Rona is the Black Mouth Cur and Izzie is the Whippet and they could not be any more different. Enjoy!
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